Together, We Survived 2020. Come 2021, We Thrive

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Together, We Survived 2020. Come 2021, We Thrive

From humble beginnings to become one of Singapores most trusted loan brokerage firms in 12 months, Beacon Financial Services is equipped to lift your businesses to greater heights



THE festive period during the final weeks of the year often provides time for joviality and reflection. As Beacon Financial Services celebrate its first birthday, we find many causes for cheer and optimism as we look back on a year of achievements.


The year 2020 will forever live in our memories, the recollections fraught with stories of grave challenges posed by the Word of the Year – Pandemic. Many people want to forget 2020 in a hurry. Some even labeled it as a “wash-out”.


We beg to differ. Instead of dwelling on the grim realities brought about by COVID-19, Beacon chooses to celebrate tales of fortitude, empathy, generosity, and innovation by local business owners. We all know that life will never be the same again. But business owners here have adapted courageously to this new future, and that’s worth celebrating.


In the year that we blow out the solitary candle on our birthday cake, Beacon grew up pretty quickly. From our humble beginnings as a pair, our company has grown to a staff strength of six seasoned professionals. While the pandemic plunged many local businesses into the deep end, we worked tirelessly alongside more than 200 SMEs in need and helped them secure a whopping $30million in corporate financing.


Our experience, knowledge, and expertise were much valued and sought-after. Beacon is being regarded as a thought leader by the esteemed members of mainstream media, and opportunities to share our insights on business financing began to flow freely. The past year had seen us quoted alongside major financial players in The Straits Times as well as regional media outlets such as the South China Morning Post.




Our Executive Director, Mr. Lenny Lim, was even featured in a video clip done by the Ministry of Law in regards to the Covid 19 Temporary Measures act.

We also believe that financial literacy should not be a trade secret. That is why we shared freely our tips and know-hows through regular articles on our blog, all in hope of benefitting business owners like you, so you can make well-informed business decisions. The full library of our informative blog posts can be found here.   


We are heartened by the many success stories of our clients during these challenging times. Your triumph is our victory. We are delighted to have played a key role in your companys accomplishments. 


This renewed confidence puts us in good stead for the years ahead. Following this past year, Beacon is now ready for the next phase of our life. We are now bigger, better, and more resilient, in-sync and ready to serve the needs of the SMEs


The year has ended, but our journey with you to financial success has just begun.

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