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Build a strong fundamental base for your small business

Beacon ADVISE combines your business data with our technology and experience to help you understand and improve your cash flow position. Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, cut if off and the business will eventually die. But turn the tap on, and every opportunity is amplified.

We believe that businesses should build a strong fundamental base for their future growth by implementing an effective cash flow strategy today. That’s where Beacon ADVISE comes in. Beacon equip business owners with the knowledge of how to improve working capital and cash flow performance by optimising end to end trade cycle.

With our experience & expertise in advising start-ups, SMEs and large corporates on improving key metrics such as revenue, profit margins, free cash flow, and debt ratios, we seek to understand your business goals and introduce best practices to adopt at each step of your business growth.     

Leverage on Beacon ADVISE today to tailor customised working capital and cash flow solutions to empower your business transformation and growth.


Working Capital and Cash Flow Management

  • Unlock cash trapped in your trade cycle
  • Improve receivables collections or stretch account payables
  • Improve cash flow by closing the cash flow gap 

Financial Health Assessment

  • Understand your business current financial health
  • Improve key metrics to attract external capital to grow your business
  • Better equipped to manage business changes or market downturn

Business Groth Roadmap

  • Learn how much working capital your business needs to grow
  • Make better business decisions by understanding your business data
  • Maintain good ratios on key business metrics as you grow


Loan Product Advisory

  • Avoid overpaying on interest due to loan product mismatch
  • Accelerate revenue and profit margins by using suitable loan products
  • Learn how to maintain a good credit rating and reduce interest rates


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